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Yobsn Advertising:-

Middle Earth
This Months Adv Middle Earth Realty
S M A R T M E D I A    T E C H N O L O G I E S
Y O U R  O W N  B R A N D E D  S O C I A L  N E T W O R K  (Y O B S N)

Queensland Australia - World Wide

YOBSN just the most incredible beyond words Branded Social NetworK see for yourself:-arrow Click Here LOOK YOU CAN JOIN FOR FREE imagine what you can GAIN!

YOBSN, No longer just for the Educated, Intellectual Techies or Business owners...
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How would you like your Own Branded Social Network? Have a look at http://ppawd2.buyyobsn.com/ My friends this is the safe way of the future, believe my words or least remember them for the likes of Facebook will die and no longer be, that whether you do believe it or not, will happen and is as I say remember my words, going to be gone…When! That is the question not a matter of will it but when… So the Good news is YOBSN done deal..

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12th of August now all free users have access to YOBSN listen to this video now

Today the 1/07/2013 YOBSN has come of age you now have access to the whole box and dice at www.ppawd2.hppvip.com my award winning design page..Join for free and OMG see what delights are in store for you!!!! NOTHING like it on the Internet, NOTHING I tell you! Nothing...

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This is my Social Dashboard for my YOBSN



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With Yobsn ...YOU Get Paid to Give Away Something
Of Immense Value... For Free! Make Money Online!

The Brief on YOBSN...   arrow Roll mouse here!
yobsnGo to My Blog for all videos and updates on YOBSN, Free Members etc; NOW!!
Presented by PPAWD Email: pennisi@ppawd.com   for YOBSN...

Yobsn Has Come of Age

Now Yobsn (Your Own Branded Network) has come of age...Yobsn is currently being released to all Free Users.

So what does Yobsn being given to free members mean? OMG! The combination of all the goodies of Social Networks into one, now with Yobsn a user can for free experience the ultimate power, and goodies never see under one network ever before on the Internet. For example open up the Yobsn page and see live up todate chirps, chat with your friends instantaneously, email them no spam not outside hacking, set up your own discussion group, there is a blog there as well, smart points accumulated daily, prizes drawn weekly, monthly, win cash.

Games that get you points, university lectures on all sorts of topics, use of best software facilities, the list for Yobsn (Your Own Branded Social Network juts goes on and on and more is being added constantly. Brand your self your products your business...Yobsn is the revolution we have all been waiting for...Have fun, make money...To good to be true, well what if it is?

bullet Do you use online Social Networks? These network giants such as FACEBOOK etc., make vast fortunes do they share any with you? NO! of course not! With YOBSN you do!!!

bullet Do you do online shopping? Do you play games online? Do you search with Google and so on? Well each time you do some one is getting richer and I can tell you it is neither YOU nor Me!.With Yobsn you will!!!

bullet Imagine your Own Own Branded Social Network (YOBSN), to brand and give away to anyone in the whole wide world! Yobsn is not just a "catch word" is REAL!

bullet Imagine if you could make money from it! The Dream has come TRUE with YOBSN.

bullet YOBSN
combines the best of all Social Networks plus much much more and best of all you get a piece of the pie so to speak.

bullet YOBSN
- Your Own Branded Social Network with a Professional Package you can get your place of business out there, your products etc. Contact me at arrow pennisi@ppawd.com to explain it to you.

bullet Make it completely your own and give it to any one in the world. WE also can also give you the free verson but there is just so much more.

bullet Details on YOBSN or all information can be seen by clicking arrow <HERE> .

bullet The side effects of YOBSN are joy, freedom and an uncontrollable desire to CHIRP!!

bullet Yobsn's Dynamic menu that follows you, banner advertising for your business, brand any number of your web sites, videos and more all incorporating all social network and more much more features, all follow your free members when they are online, new amazing technology.smt

With Yobsn you can if you wish JOIN FOR FREE arrow <HERE> test drive our Smart Media Technologies - YBSON, so to speak for as long as you like, unbeatable to put it mildly, especially for what you stand to gain. Yobsn is for life and can be 100% free or give freedom.

bullet The FREE version of Yobsn includes Education - Entertainment - Bargain Shopping - Free Software etc...

bullet Version 2 is currently being progressively released to Free Users with obvious limited access in certain areas.

Just some of the features available such as Smart Mail, Smart Chats, Shopping Points etc., When one joins Smart Media Technologies / Home Page Pays Do it NOW! GET YOBSN, Your Own Branded Social Network.

Get rewaded every time you surf, search, play games, shop and so on whilst online when you use Yobsn (Your Own Branded Social Network)...

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Your Own Branded Social Network - YOBSN...Global Mania!!!

Brought to you by Smart Media Technologies and Home Page Pays

Are you a business want to Advertise on this page! Contact me pennisi@ppawd.com

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Catch Cry:- Yobsn YobsnYobsnYobsnYobsnYobsnYobsnYobsnYobsnYobsnYobsnYobsnYobsnYobsnYobsn Your Own Branded Socia Network

YOBSN stands for "Your Own Branded Social Network"

Everyone uses the internet. right?

It is the BIGGEST trend in human history!

One of the biggest trends is Social Networks, we only have to look at Facebook where founder Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in the world.

Why are Social Networks so popular? They allow us:-

  • To join for free
  • Be part of a community
  • Stay connected and up to date with all our friends
  • Build connections and meet new friends
  • Play games
  • Be entertained
  • Learn new things

But these Internet giants give us all this for free yet they make billions of dollars.

What if YOU could make the money from your own Social Network?

Wouldn't that be GREAT?

Well that is where YOBSN comes in

When you buy YOBSN you are the owner of your own Social Network

Imagine having the ability to advertise and brand on
your own Social Network. The possibilities are endless and the potential for anyone
to buy their own YOBSN and give it away to anyone in the world is priceless!
When people use YOBSN you make money, for YOBSN has its own built in list building and lead generating system.

YOBSN makes you look good because the people you give it away to receive a free gift
of immense value in fact anyone who uses the Internet for business or pleasure stands to gain from YOBSN.